Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching offers a cost effective, efficient no burn method of clearing land of unwanted vegetation including herbage layer, brambles, gorse, rhododendron, trees, shrubs, hedges, roots  With our forestry mulching machines we can do in minutes what once took days and at a fraction of the cost. Forestry mulching machines eliminate many operations and only leave mulch behind.  Our machines are designed to turn herbage, shrubs and trees into mulch.  

We have  both swinging hammer, Seppi, and fixed tooth, Ahwi, mulchers mounted to reverse drive tractors with power from 85hp up to 360hp.

• Tree Mulching And Brush Cutting
• Commercial And Residential Site Clearance
• Site Clearance prior to development 
• Site Clearance prior to road development
• Fire Breaks/ Access Racks / Forest Rides
• Forest Thinning 
• Eliminating Invasive Plants/Trees.  Rhododendron etc.
• Wildlife Habitat and Heath Land Restoration
• Pastures & Riding Trails
• Estate maintenance Shooting Rides and Clearings
• Cutting or Maintaining Survey, Fence, and Power Lines
• Rights-of way clearance and maintenance
• After Timber Harvest Clean-Up
• Removal of stumps to below ground level
• Cost Effective Clearing
• No Burning
• No costly haulage and removal from site
• Minimal Soil Disturbance/Erosion
• Leaves only Mulch
• No Damage to retained tree and desired features

Clearance of rhododendron with ahwi flail and reverse drive fendt tractor


And example of the capacity of the Ahwi flail, we can mulch large lumps of wood including roots


 Ferrari compact tractor and Seppie mulching flail


 Fendt reverse drive tractor and Ahwi flail clearing trees and shrubs prior to development